Career Crush

Career Crush provides utility beyond what other university recommendation tools provide, and it does so in a modern and contemporary way that really connects with our audience Rion Shelley Head of Brand, Segment & International at Torrens University

One of the toughest decisions young people face is what to do after they graduate from school.

Career Crush is an online quiz that determines prospective students’ personal strengths, passions, and aspirations to help playfully steer them towards a career they'll love.

Jacky Winter’s Georgia Perry brought the quiz to vibrant life through her bright illustrations. SomeOne designed the interface alongside our digital partners Lash, who looked after digital development.

Capturing attention-spans in a crowded content landscape poses a challenge, VCCP Cx Director Beth Duddy says. “Gen Z very much have a 'show me, don't tell me' mentality. This really informed the design of Career Crush. In order to serve them personalised career matches within minutes, we developed an algorithm that identifies passions, strengths and skills to match students to a bespoke Career Crush, aligned to Myers & Briggs’ 16 Personality Types.”

Take the quiz here

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