Web Accessibility Statement

Diversity & Inclusion is incredibly important to us, and ensuring that our website is accessible is one of the many commitments that we are making.

Our commitment

We commit to developing a culture that cares about everyone who uses our digital services, regardless of ability, device or situation. We commit to creating a culture for designing solutions for everybody, without compromising on the enjoyment of using our products.

Our commitment starts with our own digital services such as VCCP.com, and extends to when we work with our clients. We promise to make accessibility a founding element of all website projects.

Our approach

In order to ensure that we are always making progress, we have established a cross-discipline team called the “Accessibility Collective”.

This team is in charge of setting accessibility objectives for VCCP’s Product & Service Innovation company Bernadette, raising awareness, knowledge and the skillset of individuals and the department as a whole. The Collective are instilling WCAG (International Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) accessibility standards within all of our website project work.

Web Accessibility Team

UX Design: Steph Marques, Chris Hobbs and Kathy Maclean
Development: Yanul Hoque
Account Management: Lottie Phillips
Design: Mik Shaw
Project Management: Liane Baio and Bobby Parmar

How accessible is the site?

In September 2020, we conducted an accessibility audit of VCCP.com and found that it was around 40% compliant to WCAG 2.1 AA standards. Since then we have made many improvements, and now estimate the website to be around 75% compliant, with a process in place to review the website for accessibility at regular intervals.

Non-accessible content

We recognise that we have content on this website that does not meet all accessibility guidelines. However, we are making progress towards improving the way we produce content. Here are the areas we are in the process of improving:

  • Alt tags on all images
  • Titles on all iFrames and videos
  • Transcripts for videos and audio
  • Subtitles and closed captions for videos

Having difficulties using the site?

If you do have any difficulties while using our site, please do not hesitate to contact us at accessibilitycollective@vccp.com