Domino's Tearing Loved Ones Apart from 1985

Tearing Loved Ones Apart Since 1985





London, 2nd October, 2023: Domino’s, the UK’s most loved pizza delivery company, unveils the next chapter of its ongoing Domin-oh-hoo-hoo campaign. Revealing a new 30” spot which reflects a brutally honest take on sharing, Tearing Loved Ones Apart Since 1985 was created in partnership with strategic creative agency, VCCP London.

The campaign film focuses on humorous and relatable moments as families and friends fight each other to be the first to get hold of a Domino’s delivery. With action slowed to 90 frames a second, each scene gains an almost-poetic pace, showcasing people’s expressions - little twitches, squinting eyes and moments of victory/defeat become larger, and more humorous.

Designed to generate fame for the brand, the campaign features an evolution of Domino’s famous Domin-oh-hoo-hoo sonic branding which is redefined as a swelling operatic soundtrack to the dramatic scenes of loved ones battling in slow motion, giving the whole film an over-the-top importance only Domino's pizza can demand.

Multi-award winning Director, Aaron Stoller elevates the humour in everyday situations and magnifies the humour in the concept, that humans are notoriously bad at sharing the things that they love, even with those they love the most - and because Domino’s is so good, it’s really good at tearing families apart.


Harry Dromey, Director of Marketing at Domino’s said: “To stay ahead of the competition, we need to invest in high impact creative. The key to which is having an interesting idea based on a strong consumer insight and brand proposition. Consumer testing has shown that we have brought this idea to life in a way that people enjoy. We can’t wait to share it with the wider world.

David Masterman, Deputy Executive Creative Director at VCCP added: “Who really enjoys sharing? The joy of sharing is a lie, and deep down we don’t want to do it - when the doorbell rings we just want to grab that Domino’s box and keep it all to ourselves. Creating a film that ramps up the tension and drama of that moment with beautiful slow motion scenes capturing the victors and the vanquished - and to top it off,  a mighty, over-the-top, operatic soundtrack where the only lyrics are ‘Domin-oh-hoo-hoo’. Lots of brands claim to bring families together, we thought we’d celebrate how we do the reverse.” 

The campaign launches across TV, BVOD, Cinema, Audio (Radio), D/OOH Social and Digital in the UK and ROI until 12th November, media planning and buying was carried out by Havas Media.

The campaign film is available here

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