Waking Up Savings Sleepers

Compare the Market wakes up Australians that are sleeping on simples savings. 

The Challenge

Most Australians ignore their insurance renewal notices, letting them roll over and passively accepting the higher premiums, when they could find a better deal just by comparing. Compare the Market wanted to shine a spotlight on this key money-saving opportunity to encourage Australians to pay attention to their renewals and start saving.

Our Approach

To bring to life Australians’ apathy for renewal notices, we created the character of a ‘savings sleeper’ - a passive test subject at CTM HQ who undergoes a series of tests by our meerkats who are trying to encourage their subject to wake up to savings. In a final ominous attempt, the meerkats show the test subject the premium rate rise on his renewal notice, sending him into renewal rage. But worry not, thanks to Compare the Market he can compare, save, and relax.

A rallying cry for all Australians to wake up and check their insurance renewal notice. By visiting Compare the Market to look for a better deal, Australians can avoid renewal rage. Michael Goodhew, General Manager Brand, Compare the Market
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