Health Season





Big change is afoot this health season with Aleksandr Orlov taking over as the new boss at saying 'If you can’t beat them, buy them!’ Comparethemarket's bemused employee Tom shows Aleksandr and Sergei around their new office and encourages Australians to compare health insurance to beat the rate rise before it beats them.

Having spent much of his time in the new office exploring, sleeping or getting lost, Sergei finds a love for coffee in the latest spot, thanks to a discovery of the office coffee machine. And despite Tom’s efforts to explain the urgency of getting health insurance before the end of June deadline, Sergei’s attention seems to be elsewhere. No doubt thanks to 'one espresso, one macchiato, one flatty white, one cappucini…'

This campaign features five TVCs of Aleksandr and Sergei making themselves at home and learning the ropes in their new office at It is supported with activity across digital and social media.

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