A Legend Reborn



In partnership with SomeOne we helped unveil an exciting new chapter in motor racing history, the genesis of Australia’s first hypercar and the rebirth of one of the most potent names in motorsport history. Introducing Brabham Automotive.

Brabham. A racing dynasty unlike any other.
Drivers, engineers, innovators.
But above all, winners.
A story that begins with Jack.
The proud Aussie who built a formula one car that propelled him to the World Championship.
A feat that remains unmatched, and is never likely to be emulated.
Humble off the track, a shadowy, wily, yet deceptively fast competitor on it.
His unwavering self-belief soon earned him the name ‘Black Jack.’
Feared for what he did in his garage.
And ultimately, in his mind.
It’s here where the Brabham legend was born.
Driven by his voracious appetite to push the envelope.
Building cars his way.
Innovating, refining and redefining.
Extracting every of ounce of raw, unbridled power from every sinew of his cars.
Removing the unnecessary in order to amplify the extraordinary.
It’s this philosophy that made Brabham cars go faster.
And now history is repeating.
Brabham’s back, with a new generation of cars.
Infused with the same winning DNA.
Developed with the same restless mindset.
Raw. Intense. Exhilarating.
Built to test your mettle, demand respect.
As Jack once said ‘When the flag drops, the bullshit stops.’
That’s exactly the moment you want to be in a Brabham.

When the flag drops, the bullshit stops. Sir Jack Brabham
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