O2 has launched a campaign to promote its January Sale offering. The ad stars a motley crew of dogs who appear to be running to the O2 January sales, because it is ‘A sale worth running for’.

The spot is shot mainly in slow motion and stars six different dog breeds. We see a wobbly Basset Hound, an Afghan Hound with long-flowing hair, a nippy Border Terrier, a mop-haired Puli, a lively Bulldog and a loveable Sausage Dog who tries desperately to keep up with the pack, using his intuition to make up time.

The ad was shot by Emily Kai Bock who most recently delivered Arcade Fire’s new music video – Afterlife.

The creative aims to promote O2’s January sale offering, where 13 handsets will be in the sale, available on offer for 1 or 2 weeks only. There will also be bundles in the sale (handset + tablet) for a monthly tariff price.