April 11, 2013

Curious Fun Box

Creative Agency Creates ‘Underpantones’, Underwear For Designers

Cape Town-based design agency MARK has designed ‘Underpantones’, a clever union of underpants and PANTONE. Not forgetting women, Underpantones also makes Underpantytones, making it the suitable underwear of choice for every well-dressed designer.

Want to snag some? Click here

Check out the new Facebook Home Ad

A boring business trip gets a lot less boring, when Facebook Home brings a guy’s friends on the journey with him. And all it takes is a few glances to reveal that his life isn’t as conservative as his khakis.

Watch it here

The Distance to Mars…in Pixels

Travel to space (for free!) at 7,000 pixels a second (3 x the speed of light) in this digital representation of distance and space.

Check it out here

The Beatles Bring ‘Let It Be…Naked’ to iTunes With Scavenger Hunt

Ten years ago, the Beatles released Let It Be…Naked, a new version of their final album that Paul McCartney believed to be closer to the original artistic vision of the group. To commemorate this occasion, the Beatles are hosting an Internet scavenger hunt featuring footage from the Let It Be recording sessions. Mashable is pleased to offer one piece of this hunt: The above trailer featuring audio from the George Harrison-written “I Me Mine.”

Watch it here

Six 1968 TV Ads Don Draper Would Respect

Get back in a Mad Men state of mind with these ads from 1968. Mad Men season 6 started Sunday night, and this quick sample of ads should give you some context to the advertising landscape of the era.

Find them here

Infographic: The World as 100 People

This design by Jack Hagely shows that if the entire world were conveniently simplified to 100 people (ie equating a percentage as a number of people), it will show how our world compares as a whole in different areas of life. As a person living in a free country with many rights and privileges, it gave me quite a lot of perspective.

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How James Nares made an amazing work of art by slowing down New York City

An arresting, lingering look at a New York that, for once, slows down to reveal its beauty. If you were to wander into a darkened room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you will come upon a large-screen video of hypnotically slow-moving pedestrians on New York City’s streets.

Even odder, the street scenes were shot in sweeping cinematic pans. These New Yorkers (and the occasional pigeon), whose movements were slowed to an otherworldly crawl, seemed to be part of a majestic, friezelike tableaux come to life.

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Crowd sourcing a musical composition

We’ve seen all sorts of tweet-powered activations/stunts, but this is a really neat idea. The Metropole Orchestra in Amsterdam was facing budget issues, so they teamed up with Havas Worldwide Amsterdam to showcase a little pro-active commercial adaptability.

Together they launched the Metropole Tweetphony, allowing twitter users from around the world to tweet their own 140 character composition and have it added to other crowd sourced compositions and played out in near-real-time.

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