April 26, 2013

Curious Fun Box

Kit Kat: Free No-WiFi Zone

Free WiFi is available almost everywhere you go. People are constantly online, busy with their electronic gadgets all the time. Kit Kat saw an opportunity to give people a break. So instead of offering Free WiFi like every other brand, they created a Free No-WiFi Zone. A big sign with a small WiFi jammer that blocked all signals within a five meter radius.

Revealing Film Names Through Icons

In this case, a poster says a thousand words. Design studio H-57 created these clever poster illustrations entitled Shortology, to interoperate famous films. Need I say more; see how many you can get!

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Life’s Trajectory Seen through Facebook Data

Mathematician Stephen Wolfram has posted a lengthy and interesting dissection of Facebook user data collected through a free tool his company Wolfram Alpha offers that analyzes and visualizes your friend network.

Wolfram is most interested in looking for signals about how a person and their life changes over time, and Facebook data provides plenty. (Although Wolfram talks about “trajectories,” his data doesn’t track individuals, so snapshots of different age groups seem a reasonable substitute.)

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First Look: Dark Horse Debuts New Halo Comic Series

Although graphic novels and comics set in the Halo series have heretofore been handled by industry giant Marvel, Wired revealed today that the next series of books based on Microsoft’s insanely popular Xbox shooters will be produced by Dark Horse. On August 14, it will launch the first issue of a new mini-series called Halo: Initiation.

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Infographic: How Corporate Logos Evolve

Daily Infographic look at the changes of various corporate companies over the years. No, it’s not about their trends of success or the quality of their products. This infographic is about what most people subconsciously relate to a company image: The Logo.

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A Beautiful Photo Series Sends A Disabled Kid On The Adventures Of A Lifetime

These artful shots of Luka, a 12-year-old with muscular dystrophy, place him in scenes like playing basketball, skateboarding, and swimming, letting him experience the joy of participating in activities that he can’t experience in real life.

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