O2 DOOH at Westfield

O2 Bubl at Westfield





We introduced “Bubl,” a loyal and reliable blue robot, to the public at Westfield’s Eat Street as part of an engaging, new interactive digital out of home experience.

Bubl forms part of O2’s bold new creative platform, showcasing how O2 continues to be there for its customers, ensuring they have the best possible service, experiences and interactions with the UK’s No.1 Network.

Conceived by VCCP and produced in collaboration with Grand Visual, the execution sees Bubl sat on a bench, looking around the screen for shoppers. When someone passes the screen, Bubl will excitedly jump from the bench and follow them, trying to capture their attention. Once Bubl has caught their attention, they turn and point up at the campaign’s headline, emitting bubbles as he does.

Coinciding with the hugely successful #O2BublDance challenge on TikTok, Bubl will also be performing the dance challenge on screen for shoppers. (see here)

The activity at White City is part of the brand’s wider campaign (see here) that launched on the 7th September.

The campaign is centred on a network story, shining a light on the fact that being connected to each other and the things we love has never been more essential in people’s lives. Just like the network, Bubl is there whenever needed, whether that’s doing everyday things that people don’t even think about needing the network for, through to doing business on the move, or streaming the latest must-see TV series.

For the launch of a new brand proposition, we really wanted to bring Bubl to life in as many engaging and interactive placements as possible. Bubl needed to look his best, as he was greeting the public for the first time, so we developed a system of controllable actions ready to react to his fans, whilst ensuring the finish of Bubl was using the same production values of the campaign TVC. The interactive OOH at Westfield, allowed us to introduce, engage and show off Bubl’s character and deliver the key brand message in a truly unique live placement. Jon Bancroft, Creative Director
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