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Introducing Bubl





Introducing Bubl, a loyal and reliable blue robot, O2’s innovative new creative direction bringing the brand purpose to life.

We're excited to announce the new creative platform we have launched for O2, which showcases how the UK's No 1 network continues to be there for its customers.

This new positioning is a return to O2’s roots; a brand and business that’s obsessed with putting customers’ first, building on its industry leading levels of customer loyalty through a completely new creative direction with the introduction of Bubl.

The embodiment of the O2 brand, Bubl takes the form of a loyal and reliable blue robot helping ensure customers have the best possible service, experiences and interactions with O2, showcasing the many ways that it makes customers feel special. Just like the network, Bubl is there whenever needed, whether that’s doing everyday things that people don’t even think about needing the network for, through to doing business on the move, or streaming the latest must-see TV series.

a blue robot standing on top of a mountain. text reads: we're here for you whenever you need us

The campaign launched with OOH placements across the UK, followed by localised versions across O2 5G hotspots.

The campaign also features innovative OOH formats such as 3D special builds in locations such as Birmingham, London’s Westfield White City and Manchester’s Northern Quarter, which will see the largest special build of all featuring a five metre high Bubl.

The campaign then went live across all other platforms from 12th September.  Taking a customer centric approach to channels, the activity begun with animated social formats going live as people woke up in the morning, additional OOH appearing as they went about their day and then on TV launching as they settled down to their evening’s entertainment.

The 60 second and 30 second TV spots tells the stories of people who rely on the network in big and small ways.  It begins with a scene in a park showing two young adults trying to meet for the first time. The film follows the story of other protagonists and their need for connectivity – from needing directions when they’re lost, to calling a cab when they missed the last train. The story also touches on the importance of the network for small businesses. Throughout the stories, Bubl is always there, one step ahead, actively helping get people back on their way and demonstrating the value and benefits of mobile connectivity.

O2 has supercharged its famous bubble asset

Across the campaign O2 has supercharged its famous bubble assets to demonstrate how essential the network is, representing connectivity as digital oxygen. This is highlighted through Bubl’s bubble blowing antenna which indicates they are communicating with the network.

O2’s strong visual identity is supported by its recently introduced sonic branding, continuing its commitment to using music and sound as part of its brand expression. Demonstrating its commitment to helping customers the strapline, “We’re here for you, whenever you need us”, runs throughout the campaign.

A major through the line campaign, other channels include social, VOD radio and across O2’s 450 retail stores. The campaign is also supported through innovative social activity which includes a TikTok partnership, which saw the launch of the world's first robot dance on the platform and got over 950 million views in its first week of launching. The activity will also include a creative PR amplification – more of which will appear in the coming weeks.

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