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Insurance is a crowded space, so we need to be totally original in our thinking to stand out and act bigger than our budgets.
Following their successful (and first ever!) art exhibition for dogs, MORE TH>N has embarked on yet another category first: the world’s premiere pet show that celebrates dogs and cats for being, well, dogs and cats.

Bark In The Park was our most ambitious and immersive brand content campaign to date for MORE TH>N. The live event and social amplification was a perfect demonstration of MORE TH>N’s mission to improve the health and happiness of pets.  Created by VCCP and Icon, the activation was all about two key objectives – create a dog-friendly, free event, and create truly shareable pet content for millions online. 

VCCP’s creative concept was built on the insight that many pets were getting a raw deal with pet shows. If pets could design a dog and cat show, Bark In The Park would be the outcome. 


There was no prancing or paperwork, grooming or treat resisting, and certainly no sitting still. 

Instead, the animals were rewarded for doing what they love: digging flowerbeds, catching Frisbees, begging for food, dive-bombing in a pool and scratching furniture. 

The event took place at the South of England Showground and was hosted by infamous sports presenter Jim Rosenthal along with a special guest appearance from Trip Hazard, the dancing dog of Britain’s Got Talent fame.

All the action was streamed on Facebook Live, plus we published highlights in a 
range of highly entertaining GIF and slow-motion video formats. 

The most live-streamed event of the day on Facebook was Doggy Diving. We didn't forget about cats either. Our purry competitors showed off their skills in the 10m Box slide, the Sofa Scratch Down and 3 other events.

The event was a huge success, not only did we attract over 1,200 attendees (and of course their 300 dogs!) on the day, but we also captured great content so that all of those who couldn’t be there got a slice of the action too.  

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting together the most amazing event today - it was everything I'd imagined and more. Every little detail was taken care of and it all looked brilliant Danielle Stooke, Senior Brand Marketing Manager (MORE TH>N)
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