This year to support the humble local corner shop and the work they do for their communities, Cadbury with the help of global agency of record, VCCP, is launching a new integrated campaign, ‘The Big Win-Win’. 

In the form of a nationwide competition, the campaign aims to spread levity and generosity to chocolate lovers across the country, and most importantly, to reward the heroes that keep the UK going - local corner shops. Newsagents are there for people day and night, through thick and thin and also got the nation through the Covid-19 lockdown. With their latest campaign, Cadbury wants to recognise and champion them as a stalwart pillar of British society. 

The campaign will bring the focus back to the core range of single Cadbury chocolate bars often picked up in local shops. As well as highlighting the generous mechanic of ‘winning together’ and amplifying shared human stories. 

With corner shops at the core, every creative angle has been covered to inspire shoppers and shopkeepers alike. Simple and bold packaging and supporting POS has been designed to be engaging and stand out on the shelf. The fist bump featured is a modern representation of the partnership between the people and their local shopkeepers. The typography mimics the informal communications that you have in local shops. It is made to feel human, while utilising Cadbury branding. Social and outdoor creatives are location sensitive, meaning consumers are targeted with dynamic ads that call out nearby participating retailers. This makes the campaign feel personal and builds Cadbury’s inherent role to inspire people to be more generous.

A 15” film has also been created for Cadbury owned social media channels which features real shopkeepers and their establishments, interacting with customers over a day, making it feel truly local. The film introduces the ‘Big Win-Win’ campaign, letting people know how they can win money for themselves and their local retailer.

Victoria Grzymek, Senior Brand Manager at Cadbury says: “Corner shops play a vital role in our communities and we want to show how much we support them and give people the chance to celebrate their local shopkeeper. They have been there for us over the last few years and deserve the recognition for getting us through tough times. Cadbury at its core is about enabling acts of generosity and bringing people together, and this campaign was based on the insight that winning together is better.”

Cadbury worked with VCCP’s Retail Experience team, their product & service innovation company, Bernadette and global content production studio, Girl&Bear to create OOH, retail creative and social elements as well as a dedicated campaign website. 

Angus Vine, Creative Director at VCCP added: “Not only are people getting the chance to give back but they will also enjoy some delicious chocolate. Cadbury wants to spread joy across the nation and we are happy to be part of this journey. Corner shops need our support and this campaign offers the opportunity to do just that.”

When buying a participating Cadbury singles chocolate bar* customers can head to the campaign website to enter. All they need to do is fill in their details, enter the barcode and batch code found on pack and press submit. They will then receive an email and will need to click on the link in the email to confirm their email address and find out if they have won a cash prize for them as well as cash for their local corner shop.** An entry is only made when an entrant has clicked on the link in their email to verify their email address. 

The campaign will run from today until 14th May across multiple channels including OOH, retail creative and across social channels Meta and Youtube, with the wrap up prize draw finishing on 15th August. It is being supported by a consumer PR campaign run by Ogilvy PR.

Cadbury wants to spread joy across the nation and we are happy to be part of this journey. Corner shops need our support and this campaign offers the opportunity to do just that Angus Vine, Creative Director at VCCP
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