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We have faith that AI, used responsibly, will be an unparallelled accelerator of human creativity and imagination. VCCP Partnership and faith CEO, Michael Sugden

VCCP is launching an AI creative agency called faith. The field of AI and its applications are accelerating at pace. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of technologists, engineers, creatives, strategists, makers and data analysts to cover every aspect of the agency process. 

The agency launches globally and will work alongside VCCP’s seven international offices, acting as the Group’s Generative AI creative shop, producing work for new and existing clients. VCCP has created and been using generative AI tools for several years within its media, data, planning, production and UX/UI capabilities. This move sees our network further invest in our AI capabilities to accelerate and diversify our learning and client offering

faith will be spearheaded by VCCP Partnership CEO, Michael Sugden who will also become CEO of faith. The agency will launch with a collective of 14 practitioners made up of creatives, technologists, prompt engineers, strategists, data analysts and makers. 

Talking about the agency’s ambition Sugden explains: “We have faith that AI, used responsibly, will be an unparallelled accelerator of human creativity and imagination. We reject the notion that AI will make human creativity obsolete. Sugden continues “We won’t realise this potential however by noodling around with MidJourney and Chat GPT. This is why we’re launching a dedicated agency to advance AI’s creative applications, accelerate our collective learning and share it quickly with our clients”.

In the UK, faith launches with a founding client Sage, the leaders in accounting, financial, HR and payroll technology. Cath Keers, Chief Marketing Officer at Sage explains: “As a market leading technology company, thousands of Sage customers are already benefiting from AI solutions and services, elevating the work of humans and freeing them from repetitive administration tasks. AI also provides us with powerful insights that help us deliver a more personalised and human experience for our customers. We are excited about the possibilities of this collaboration and what it gives us from a creative agency perspective.”

faith will also act as an explorative R&D hub through a pioneering partnership with two universities at the forefront of innovation in the creative and technology sectors. 

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Staffordshire University’s Digital Technologies and Arts faculty will be focused on designing the new “frameworks for use” within the industry. A partnership with Keele University Business School will explore the implications of AI on the operational and commercial structure of businesses. 

VCCP Partnership Chief Strategy Officer Michael Lee will also become CSO of faith. He explains “We’re delighted to have partnerships with two of the most forward-thinking universities in the UK. Staffs is a world leader in virtual production, and Keele University has already worked successfully with other industries such as law and architecture to develop and understand the implications and opportunity of real world applications of AI.”

With the belief that AI should only ever be used for good, faith launches with a detailed generative AI policy based around four principles:

Be Transparent when AI is being used
Be Authentic, fact-check AI-generated content
Be Compliant and break no laws
Be Ethical, only use AI for good

The shop is actively recruiting for further prompt engineers. For further information on faith, please visit