Humana, Twitter & VCCP Spain

Humana combines technology with solidarity to launch the #HilosQueAbrigan campaign on Twitter


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#HilosQueAbrigan is an initiative that VCCP Spain has devised for Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo with the support of Twitter with the aim of helping people who currently sleep on the streets of our country, whose number exceeds 30,000. The creative idea behind the campaign is to transform such a characteristic element of Twitter, such as threads, into help for the homeless.

To give visibility to a social problem such as homelessness, conversation will be encouraged on the platform through the Twitter thread #HilosQueAbrigan. For each message received, a thread will be added to weave blankets that will be distributed among homeless people in Madrid and its metropolitan area, in an action coordinated by Humana in collaboration with other social entities such as International Cooperation, the Atenea Foundation, the Asociación Realidades and the Asociación de Acción Social Libélula, specialized in caring for the homeless.

The purpose of the action is to help the most disadvantaged people, while encouraging user participation on Twitter, highlighting a unique feature of this social network, such as threads, in a coordinated effort with various social entities, with the Fundación Human in front.

Accompanying this type of support actions for the homeless is key, being sensitive to a social reality against which we must act. Awareness initiatives like this one, in which creativity and the capacity for interaction and social mobilization of a network like Twitter come together, are very positive. All this brought to the field by the social entities involved, trying to promote a positive change in the lives of homeless people Rafael Mas, Director of Projects and External Relations of Humana

For Beto Nahmad, Executive Creative Director of VCCP Spain: “Twitter and Humana are the platforms that care the most about the good of people. Thread after thread we are helping as a team to make the world a little better every day. #HilosQueAbrigan was born for that purpose, to shelter, help, and be with people when they need it most.”

For Juan Cenoz Dir Creativo: "It is a pride for us to be able to help from communication and creativity. It is very good that the industry works as a team with this type of client collaborating in causes as noble as this one".

For Emilio Pila, director of Twitter NEXT in Spain, “Twitter is a unique space for conversation where people can raise topics of interest for public conversation. By adding creativity to this equation, campaigns such as #ThreadsQueAbrigan arise, which help to put a social problem such as homelessness in Spain at the center through an element as characteristic of Twitter as threads”.


The origin of #HilosQueAbrigan

This campaign was born within the framework of the V edition of #PoweredByTweets, a contest promoted by Twitter Spain and aimed at creative agencies in which they were challenged to present ideas, tools, content, etc. based on the effects of the pandemic. #HilosQueAbrigan, presented by VCCP SPAIN, was one of the winners, after the deliberation of a jury made up of important professionals from the world of Marketing and Advertising.