A couple in a Subway fast food restaurant with the Walkers crisps range displayed on a shelf behind them

Walkers ignite the #crispIN or #crispOUT debate

Our latest work for Walkers taps into an age-old debate around how the nation eats their lunchtime sandwiches with their packet of crisps. This integrated campaign encourages consumers to choose a side in this crucial debate. Whether you are #CrispIN or #CrispOUT, we can all agree that a lunchtime sandwich is always better with Walkers crisps. 

The campaign launches with a hilarious film, directed by James Rouse from Outsider, exploring a range of different human reactions to the infamous crisp sandwich. Firstly, we see a grandma decide to #CrispIn for her lunch and unapologetically eats her sandwich in front of her grandson. Later we see a husband and wife eating in a smart restaurant where, much to the distaste of his wife, the husband tucks into his crisp sandwich. Another scene depicts a company meeting, whereby a woman embarrassingly drops her crisps out of her sandwich... her bosses are not amused. 

Fernando Kahane, senior marketing director at Walkers: "We live in a great nation, full of differing opinions and beliefs and although we may not agree on everything, we can all agree on one thing – a sandwich without Walkers crisps is a sandwich not worth eating. Having conducted the biggest research into crisp sandwiches, this campaign has been inspired by our consumers and their habitual behaviours. Tapping into the lunchtime sandwich market, we wanted to finally join in with the quirky, and sometimes controversial, national debate around the crisp sandwich.”

Mark Orbine, executive creative director at VCCP: "Do you stack your Smokey Bacon flavour in your cheese and salad bap? Stuff a few Prawn Cocktail into your Meatball Marinara Sub? Or do you prefer to sprinkle your Cheese & Onion to the side of your tuna pita pocket? When it comes to sandwiches, are you crispIN? Or crispOUT? This is a debate that's been raging for a while."

As well as having the opportunity to choose whether to #CrispIN or #CrispOUT at home, consumers will have the ability to pick a side in Subway stores throughout the UK. This collaboration is the first of its kind and will ask customers #WhichWay, allowing them to add Walkers crisps to any Sub, wrap or salad for an extra 20p. Walkers have also decided to release a new Flamin' Hot flavour to cater to those of us who want to spice up our lives through our lunchtime sandwiches. 

This work follows the recent Brand equity campaign which marked a new positioning for Walkers, moving from product to purpose, and using humour to create positivity.

It was time for Walkers to finally get involved. To hero the stackers, the sprinklers, the crunches. Because we all might have our differences about how we eat our crisp sandwiches, but there's one thing we can agree on, they taste better with Walkers. Mark Orbine, executive creative director at VCCP
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