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Today Violife, the leading maker of vegan cheeses, launches its latest unmissable OOH Veganuary campaign with the help of its media agency VCCP Media to encourage people to introduce plant based cheese into their diets.

Following the success of last year’s Veganuary campaign and their activation campaign centred around the Clapham Colossus in October last year, the ‘Veganuary 2023’ campaign aims to continue to build brand fame and ensure it is front of mind for people who are looking to try alternative dairy products around the world when it comes to buying alternative cheese products.

The plant based movement wants to challenge some of the most established behaviour in society - its eating habits - and Violife is at the forefront of this as it offers a range of products that can even entice the most sceptical consumers.

This year their hero OOH activity will take place in Shoreditch, which has a well known eclectic dining scene that features many vegan restaurants. The campaign will appear on the Shoreditch Canvas, which is the heart and soul of the area and is one of the most impactful advertising sites in the capital city. The Canvas is unique as it incorporates two individual banners encasing a central portrait digital screen with the additional option of the neighbouring 96 sheet. Data reveals that the brand's ethical eater audience - vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians - spend nearly 2 hours a day exposed to OOH, more than the average adult.

The billboard created in house by Violife features two people, one enjoying pizza and the other enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich on either side of a digital ad showing a lasagne with the tagline ‘Cheezy… the way you like it’.

Victoria Slater, Head of Violife Northern Europe said: “At Violife we are on a mission to encourage more people to try and incorporate plant based cheese into their diets and this campaign is ideal for this. Shoreditch has vibrant community who are open to trying vegan options and we want to show them what is out there ”

Violife and VCCP Media are working together to solve a business challenge of an increasingly competitive market by raising the visibility of the brand against its peers in a targeted way that is led by consumer behaviour.

Chris Stevens, Business Director at VCCP Media added: “We are excited to be working with an innovative brand like Violife, who are showing people how dairy free products are now easily accessible. Whether you are just trying out a different diet or living a vegan life you can still enjoy what you are eating.”

Dedicated to making amazing tasting, 100% vegan non-dairy, non-GMO foods since the early ‘90s, Violife is aiming to take advantage of January as it is a pertinent time for the plant based movement, with the month dedicated to challenging people to try veganism.

The OOH campaign will run in Shoreditch from 17th January until 12th February 2023.

Whether you are just trying out a different diet or living a vegan life you can still enjoy what you are eating Chris Stevens, Business Director at VCCP Media
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