TfL ‘Welcome back. Tube it. Bus it. Train it.’

Our latest integrated campaign with TfL turns their world famous signage into visual representations of activities and destinations that Londoners have missed during lockdown. 

The TfL network is the lifeblood of the City of London, connecting all corners of the nation’s capital in a way that no other city on the globe is able to, and enabling people to live their best lives. Throughout 2019 TfL’s underground network provided affordable and efficient transportation to over 1.34bn passengers. Yet, with government restrictions in place, working from home and London’s activities closing all due to Covid-19, it made these once everyday events become a faint memory of the past. 


We’ve used the much loved, iconic signage across the campaign to remind people of its role in their daily lives and what makes London so unique. Simon Learman, Creative Director at VCCP

‘Welcome back. Tube it. Bus it. Train it.’ welcomes back the public and encourages them to go back out and take part in all the activities and destinations they have missed with TfL and their services, be it by Tube, bus, train, tram, riverboat or Airline. 

Targeting younger Londoners aged between 18 and 44 years old, who are ready to get back to living life, the film reminds Londoners that public transport isn’t just about routes and timetables. It’s about our lives. The film features real members of the public to authentically communicate the personal journeys that we all take with the TfL network. 

Miranda Leedham, Head of Customer Marketing and Behaviour Change at TfL said: 

“In my opinion very few brands are so linked to a city as TfL is to London. When VCCP first showed us this campaign as part of their pitch presentation, we were delighted to see our network, our most recognisable branding devices and our role as the facilitator of London life all brought to life in such a charming way. We hope that this campaign will welcome Londoners back and motivate them to get back to living life again to their fullest."

Simon Learman, Creative Director at VCCP added: 

TfL and London are inseparable. No other brand reflects the city more and shares so much in both its success and hard times. Its world famous, iconic signage and transport are proud emblems of our city. We’ve used the much loved, iconic signage across the campaign to remind people of the role of TfL in their daily lives and what makes London so unique.”

Directed by celebrated HLA Director, Simon Ratigan, the shoot was conducted in the tightest levels of lockdown, forcing the AV and Stills team into new approaches which required the highest level of safety precautions. A small mobile crew spent three days on the network, touching all parts of London and shooting real people using the network, rather than actors, allowing us to get real emotions and reflect the true character of London and the TfL network.

The integrated campaign will run until the end of September rolling out across TV, VOD, social media executions across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. OOH, online video across YouTube as well as CRM. Alongside this, Wavemaker Content partnered TfL with TimeOut magazine for print and digital content.

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