TfL stands against hate on public transport

London hosts an extremely diverse population of more than nine million people. With a rich history of multiculturalism, a broad range of faiths, nationalities and backgrounds, the nation's capital has one of the most diverse populations on the planet. Despite this rich diversity being a source of pride and unity for many, instances of hate crime still occur across London's transport network.

Our latest integrated campaign for TfL 'Serious Worrying Incidents' launched across Pink News (digital display), Metro London (cover-wrap), Facebook and Instagram Stories. With support from VCCP CX and Wavemaker, this campaign encouraged the public to take an active stance against hate crimes across the TfL network. This is part of a larger campaign which will tackle all incidents on the transport network, including staff abuse and drunken aggression. 

The ambition of the campaign was to create real societal change which could only be achieved through collective action amongst customers and staff. ‘TfL stands against Hate’ aspired to provoke a proactive response amongst commuters. TfL delivered a rallying call to all passengers to raise their hands in support of tackling hate crimes across the TfL network. 

TfL is committed to improving the ways in which it tackles hate crimes that occur on London’s transport network and to better understand the lived experiences of BAME, LGBTQ+ and disabled commuters. In light of this, TfL took a stand and called all Londoners to support the #TogetherAgainstHate movement. This encouraged Londoners to pledge to a commitment to end hate crimes across the TfL network. #TogetherAgainstHate sought out to debunk hate crimes, encourage the reporting of incidents and most importantly, encourage solidarity. 

The creative was made up of distinctive illustrated hands, which were displayed across the TfL network and social media platforms through GIFs and Instagram effects alongside digital OOH executions - all created in-house by VCCP CX. These illustrations featured the iconic TfL branding in their design and served as symbols of inclusion and togetherness. Commuters and TfL staff will be able to see these beautiful reminders of TfL’s efforts to stop hate crime.

TfL are creating a blog and social films, featuring real TfL staff sharing their own personal stories of hate crimes across London’s transport network. A number of influential podcast hosts such as Dane Baptiste Questions Everything; Too Peas in a Podcast; HipHop Saved My Life; A Gay and A Non Gay; and Intelligence Squared; will share their own experiences. Running in parallel, an influencer partnership programme will see personal stories of hate crime posted on Instagram. 

In addition, there was a collaboration with media partner PinkNews to host three bespoke editorial content pieces on and promote them on its social channels. The content focused on individuals who had been subjected to hate crime on the TfL network, sharing their personal experiences. These personal accounts served as powerful reminders of the reasons why London’s commuters need to stand #TogetherAgainstHate.

Alongside this, a Metro cover wrap promoting the campaign went live on 14th June across London.

Miranda Leedham, Head of Customer Marketing & Behaviour Change at TfL, commented: We're doing everything we can to stamp out all forms of hate crime to ensure our transport network remains a safe and welcoming place for everyone. Our new campaign sets out our stance and invites fellow Londoners to join the conversation.”

Gavin Laisby, Managing Partner at Wavemaker, added: “We stand by TfL and its campaign to build further awareness of, and to ultimately put a halt to, hate crime on its public transport network. It was therefore vital that this provocative call to action campaign for Londoners to stand #TogetherAgainstHate reached and resonated with as many TfL customers and staff as possible. By planning and implementing an integrated multi-channel media campaign - from digital display and media cover wraps to social media - and using a wide range of influential voices we were able to achieve that goal. The diverse and thought-provoking stories can be accessed and read, and action can be taken, from Amersham to New Addington, and beyond. We are proud to be working with such a forward-thinking provider on a thought-provoking campaign.”

Caroline Rawlings, Group Creative Director, VCCP: "It’s a shame that this campaign needs to exist at all as we know that so many Londoners are categorically against hate crime. That’s why we chose to fill the network, city and social with hundreds of hands raised in solidarity. We hope that this feeling of people in every corner of the city standing together against hate will help victims and witnesses of hate crime to report it and those who commit it to stop. Because London and TfL agree that hate crime has no place on our transport network."

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