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We brought a premium experience to the beer aisle.

SAB Miller is a premium player amongst the drinks market with many of its customers choosing to buy their brands when out in pubs and bars. However, they knew there was an opportunity to increase their sales within the off-trade market by reimagining the supermarket shopper experience. SAB Miller tasked us with driving value and growth in their Tesco branches by providing insight-led solutions and ultimately encourage trade. 

Our research into Tesco revealed that they were sustaining a significant loss in their World Beer segment, with shoppers choosing not to buy premium World Beer, despite an increase in shopper numbers. Financially, this was equating to an annual loss of £812,000. 

We needed to retract this behaviour and convert these shoppers back to buying Premium Beer from Tesco.

To do this, we had to make SAB Miller and its brands an unmissable part of the shopper experience, literally. 
We analysed the customer journey from point of entry into a store thorough to check out and found that the problem was quite clear: there was little to no differentiation between mainstream brands and premium brands, leaving no negligible navigation between the product segments, and therefore no stand out for any particular brand. 

The design of the stores was also not correlating to consumer needs, and was not making the most of occasions. To make a real difference we had to completely reengineer the in-store experience. We turned shopper insights into design principles to recreate the aisle, from navigation, to look and feel, to supporting information - all of which to create a unique customer experience and influence purchase.  

The results were truly excellent.

The results of the reengineered shopping experience were phenomenal, putting SAB Miller at the forefront of the shoppers’ experience once more. 

The redesign drove a total aisle purchase increase of 7.3%,  with an increase of 50% longer time spent in the aisle. We also saw an increase of Premium Beer basket size from 2.0 units to 2.2 units, contributing to 21% of beer volume sold (up 7%), and improved ease of shop.

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