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As a client with huge aspirations to become recognised as a global luxury superbrand, Princess Yachts needed to break the marine umbilical and shift the creative and media dial up a notch to achieve their ambitions.
Our key insight was that we needed to focus on acting like a luxury brand, not like a marine brand, finding ways to increase our share of voice and share of market rather than being drowned out by the competitor noise in a sea of sameness.
After 17 years concentrating their advertising efforts with marine only media, we are on a journey to help power Princess Yachts in to the world of ultimate luxury whilst also remaining a dominant presence in the marine world.
Working with an ambitious client with an appetite to try new things, we have established Princess across the luxury and lifestyle market working collaboratively with their creative and PR agencies and a range of new publishers targeting (U)HNWI’s.

Partnerships have been created with the likes of Hole & Corner, Cereal magazine, SuperYacht, Robb Report and Motorsport, running bespoke activity from unique distribution to special editions and events.

An ongoing multi-media partnership with the Financial Times, and ‘How to Spend it’ focussing on the major International Boat shows across the year continues to evolve targeting UHNWI’s whilst in market for a Super Yacht.

With the upcoming launch of the new R Class superboat, we have continued to charter new media territories with tease and reveal activity in press as well as running narrowcast broadcast activity using select postcodes to target our audiences with TV advertising in high net worth homes.

We are also proudly showcasing the TV commercial on digital outdoor sites in key locations across the world at select events such as the Cannes International Film Festival.

We continue to experience the exceptional with this client as orders of Princess totalled more than $1 billion dollars in a record breaking year in 2017, a near 30% increase year on year and the best results yet in the company’s 53 year history.

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