Follow the Rabbit 2

Open your front door. The whole world is outside.

After signing another 10 year sponsorship of The O2 and 19 Academy venues across the UK, O2 charged us with driving awareness and excitement around their live music offering - inspiring more people to ditch the boxsets, get off their arses and get out with their friends for an unforgettable night of live music. 

From catching people in a ‘guilty moment’ [sat on their couch, watching telly], to exciting them with ticket offers via social, to signposting their local O2 Academies via Spotify, YouTube, and O2 stores, this fully integrated campaign leaves people with no excuse not to get out.

Technology and the pressures of life today makes it all too easy to put life on hold.  

People all too frequently stay in and catch up on catch-up, work late, finish that presentation; things that inevitably take up our lives but don’t form long lasting memorable moments. We wanted to inspire our audience to get out to unforgettable live music experiences with their friends at an O2 venue near them.

Inspired by the curiosity and wonder of the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, we created a story where everyone has a blue rabbit. A depiction of your inner consciousness, it appears at times when you are not making the most of your life and inspires you to follow it with a promise of better times. 

The new 120 second #FollowTheRabbit commercial – with its soundtrack  specially cut by The Chemical Brothers - first aired in the middle of the Brit Awards on ITV. The campaign was a sensation, appearing across a huge range of channels including Spotify, YouTube and VOD. It captured an authentic moment in music, feeling like a music video and generating conversation for the brand. 

This was magnified through a number of channels, such as a specially designed Snapchat lens, which allowed users to follow a blue rabbit towards new live music experiences. A Snapchat ad then encouraged people to play with the lens and share their snaps. 

To drive deeper relevance, YouTube, Spotify, display, social, VOD and retail signposted local O2 Academies.  

The message was clear - enjoy life, love live music and follow the rabbit, because there really is no substitute for live: once it's gone, it's gone.

The message was clear - enjoy life, love live music and follow the rabbit.
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