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Krispy Kreme has today launched the world's first SADvert, a light-emitting billboard designed to help boost the moods of Brits struggling with the lack of sunlight in January.

The idea was created and launched by integrated PR & social agency Good Relations with support from sister agency VCCP Media as well as Open Outdoor and Clear Channel UK.

The SADvert campaign has been developed in response to research from Krispy Kreme which reveals that that one in five Brits admit to getting no more than 15 minutes of sun each day during January even though more than half of us (56%) believe direct sunlight is the best way to boost a low mood.

Krispy Kreme intends for the joyful special build site to be a welcome addition to passers-by in January when sunlight levels are at their lowest and those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) may be struggling the most.  To activate the billboard passers-by will just need to touch a button for light therapy.

The high impact 3D special build site has been constructed in Salford, a location selected due to the region getting less than 2 hours of sunlight per day on average during January.

The billboard features giant decorative doughnuts from the brand’s irresistible new 195 calorie range including the iconic Original Glazed, Berry Burst and Lemon Crunch in the Krispy Kreme dozen box.

The SADvert campaign has been created to launch Krispy Kreme’s new creative platform, Joy Unboxed, as the brand sets out to lift the mood across the nation by creating chain reactions of joy.

Emma Colquhoun, Chief Marketing Officer UK & Ireland at Krispy Kreme said: “Opening a box of doughnuts is one way to bring joy into people’s lives - so we wanted to make that literal. We've just had Blue Monday, often referred to as the most depressing day of the year, making this week arguably one of the toughest.

“This is the only doughnut box in the world to deliver light therapy that can help banish Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  We thought there was no better way to unbox joy and light-en the nation’s mood as we celebrate the launch of our irresistible new doughnuts at just 195 calories each!”

Lawrence Collis, Managing Director, Consumer at Good Relations said: “We’re on a mission to help Krispy Kreme fulfil their ambition to enhance lives through joy. With SADvert we’re delighted to have created something truly unique that brings joy and light into people’s lives during one of the darkest months.”

Tara Marus, Joint CEO of VCCP Media added: “We have loved working with the team at Good Relations to support them and their brilliant client Krispy Kreme to create a fantastically creative outdoor ‘first’ in the form of this brilliant special build SADvert. High impact interactive out of home at its best, made possible by the brilliant team at Clear Channel.”

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