The insight, ‘patients may seem frail now, but the lives they want to return to are anything but’ was the catalyst for the campaign.

INSPIRIS RESILIA is a revolutionary heart valve designed to return patients to the lives they love after surgery. But, as a new product with no data, we needed to capture the imagination of surgeons to get them to consider trying something new.

The ‘Reborn’ campaign uses animation to tell an emotive story about patients being delivered back into their lives and show how they feel ‘reborn’ thanks to a durable and long-lasting heart valve.

With 52,000 cardiologists to reach in Europe alone, the campaign relied on a targeted digital approach to drive reach and impressions.  We used programmatic advertising to reach our audience, driving awareness of our brand and prompting visits to our website to learn how INSPIRIS RESILIA can help their patients feel reborn.

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