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Making it even easier to go from everyday to holiday.

VCCP created a future for easyJet, imagining where the brand could be taken. We explored and applied a look & feel to the entire digital ecosystem - that was on par with the engaging and inspiring brad worlds we develop for campaigns and marketing.

Experiences as straight forward, enjoyable and effortless as flying with easyJet.

Using best practices in experience design, while also embracing everything easyJet stands for, we extended this thinking into task flows, microinteractions and all the core journeys - from booking a holiday, to receiving your e-ticket, to getting emails about where to fly to next.

This helped to deliver a fresh connection to customers on a practical and emotional level. Creating experiences as straight forward, enjoyable and effortless as flying with easyJet.

The future vision was shared and stress-tested with all the digital channel stakeholders to ensure it was optimised across relevant platforms. From there the vision was refined and crafted into a design system - known as the World of Orange (WOO) - which acts as a single source of truth and is at the heart of the digital easyJet experience. It groups all of the elements needed to design and develop in the easyJet digital ecosystem, allowing any stakeholder to roll-out new products and platforms efficiently and at scale.

The system provides an efficient and flexible way for designers to create beautiful UI for any products and experiences without the traditional workflow overheads meaning we can get to market quicker - which ultimately has allowed the brand to really take flight and connect to customers in a richer way.

It's fair to say not only is this a fantastic example of a brand / agency collaboration but the result is exciting and future focused - we've landed a design system to be proud of. Jonny Goodall, CD VCCP CX
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