Re-engineering the booking experience for an Instagram generation.

VCCP have created easyJet’s new groundbreaking app feature: Look&Book. The tool merges the digital and real world, capturing the spontaneity of easyJet’s customers through an instantaneous image booking system. The product innovation is part of easyJet’s new through the line pan-European Imagine campaign, encouraging customers to transform their daydreams into experiences. 

From daydreaming over the latest photo on your Instagram feed, to soaring through the European skies - travelling has just been made even easier.

Perhaps you’ve just spotted an incredible lake on Instagram that you wish you could visit. Simply take a screenshot on your phone and upload it to the easyJet app. Look&Book then uses advanced image recognition technology to identify the location and leverages Microsoft Azure APIs to match the photo to the easyJet destination. 

easyJet’s new feature not only recognises the destination, but finds the nearest airport and pre-populates the booking form with those details. So, whether it’s a well-deserved weekend getaway or a perfect beach holiday, customers can get ready to tap, book and go using just a photo. 

This gets 10 out of 10 for "why didn’t I think of that"-ability. It's a win for streamlining customer search and booking, but it is also an exciting example of how pictures and video can be potentially "Shazam-ed". Campaign Magazine, Top Digital Innovation of the Year (2018)
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