easyJet ‘Holidoorways’

The pandemic-induced holiday drought has been a lived experience for many of us. With easyJet having to ground their entire fleet on 30th March 2020, visions of sandy beaches and clear blue seas have been sorely missed. Our latest campaign for easyJet launched ‘Holidoorways’ to bring people one step closer to the holidays we have all been longing for. This social-first campaign features 5 different AR filters, transporting customers away to beautiful locations such as Santorini, Venice, Zante, Nice and The Algarve. 

This social campaign ran across the UK and eight other key European markets including France, Germany and Netherlands. With most of the public feeling pretty immobilised by lockdown restrictions, these AR filters provide a creative solution to escape the mundanity of their living rooms and teleport to somewhere sunny.

Our VCCP CX team specialises in creating dynamic design-led experiences, that allow brands to reach their customer audiences in new and exiting ways. The Holidoorways AR portal experience encourages spontaneous interaction, whether outdoors, in a store or eating in your favourite restaurant, one needs not to be confined by location, quite the opposite in fact.  

Following the theme of escapism from earlier campaigns such as '3 Minute Escapes', the filters have been imagined as if the viewer is travelling through their bedroom door into another world. 

At the heart of Holidoorways, easyJet wanted to re-engage customers with their social platforms, whilst reminding them that these wondrous locations are still accessible through the AR filters that we created. More importantly, people can get a taste of all the exciting travels to come, whenever that may be. 

Lucy Outram, Head of Brand & Central Marketing at easyJet said: “We are thrilled to launch our new Holidoorways AR filters. Our summer holidays are now within reach, and while we wait to finally take off, we wanted to bring some of our favourite holiday destinations to the public's homes. While we hope to see you all onboard soon, we hope that our AR filters transport you away in the meantime.”

These exciting filters were showcased across easyJet's Instagram: @easyJet


Our easyJet Holidoorways experience in AR simulates the thrill of escaping to a new destination by tapping the elements that we miss most about travel: the anticipation, the discovery, and the sights and sounds of somewhere new. Shirin Majid, Deputy Executive Creative Director, VCCP
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