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In 2018, as part of their internal re-platforming programme - we were tasked with redesigning the entire ecommerce journey across App and Web platforms for Domino’s. Delivering a new user experience and interface design to drive up sales conversion, volume and value.
How could we allow for more pizzas, to be ordered more, and more often?

Domino’s are the UK’s biggest pizza takeaway business, operating 1000+ stores and selling over 1 million pizza a week through their website and app. 

A key component of the challenge was the need to develop a platform with scale and flexibility to enable each franchise and local store to manage their own product menu, availability and price promotions whilst maintaining a consistent, high quality experience.

 The goal we defined for Domino’s eCommerce was to establish an experience that made ordering ridiculously easy.

We sat down (and ate) with customers and Domino’s staff, conducted extensive audits and user testing on the existing platforms & competitors, and ran a series of design sprints.

The output of these concepts were a number of low and high fidelity prototypes that we were able to test with prospective customers both on location and remotely.

By applying this human-oriented approach, we were then able to convert our concepts into a series of design sprints that we ran in collaboration with Domino’s stakeholders. The output? An all encompassing vision for Domino’s eCommerce experience. 
‘Easy Ordering for Everyone” From the Official Food of Everything considered all aspects of the eCommerce experience, evolving core journeys for new and returning customers. A UI toolkit underpinned by functionality that privileged the user’s needs and celebrated the design language of Domino’s, and micro-interactions and motion UI that enhanced the brand’s unique tone of voice.

By working closely with the Domino's stakeholders at all stages of the process, the freshly designed interface and new user journeys were delivered as a UI toolkit and documentation for any future Domino's development partners to implement.

All of this was complemented by a hard-working data-driven CRM programme, where we encourage return visits and sign up, using data constructively to create personalised experiences for faster re-ordering of favourites and new recommendations. All aiming towards a customer experience ambition of knowing what you want before you do.

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