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EOS R5 Launch





In Q1, Canon announced the development of the revolutionary full-frame mirrorless EOS R5 camera and the new additions to the RF lens lineup, leading to a very positive response. But then Covid-19 happened - for photographers, the lockdown caused frustration and constraint, forcing them to find new avenues to express their passion for imaging. For Canon, this brought a new challenge to launching new products as in-person events and touch and try product demos were not possible.


Canon hosted a live virtual event to help bring customers as close to the new product as possible. The purpose of the teaser & reminder comms was to raise awareness about the event, driving traffic on the day as well as showcasing the product capabilities.


EOS R5 is a camera that redefines photography.

So we redefined email. Pushing the limits, creatively and technologically, to deliver experiences people aren’t used to in their inbox.

EOS R5 Development Announcement

The R5 is jam-packed with innovative features.

Features that no other mirrorless camera has.

So we didn’t want to simply list them - we pushed what was possible in email, and created an interactive experience that allowed people to hover over hotspots to discover more.

All within the email itself.

EOS R5 Lens Range Education

People think the move to mirrorless means giving up the freedom to select a wide range of lenses. Mirrorless cameras are new, so there probably aren’t many lenses out yet.

So we wanted to show people just how many lenses they could use with our new R5 mirrorless camera.

This long-scroll email really hit home the vastness of our range - a seemingly endless, finger-numbing list of lenses.

The copy playfully hinted at the length of the list as people continued to scroll, as well as pulling out the eclectic nature of the range.

EOS R5 Virtual Event Invite

How do you build excitement around an event?

We invited to and reminded them about a virtual ReImagine event with a live email countdown.

People could pin or star the email, and have it ticking away, so if they needed a reminder of the date, it would always give them the correct time.

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