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Launching today, Cadbury and global agency of record, VCCP London invite the nation on a heist of a lifetime for the launch of the new limited-edition flavour, Wispa Gold Salted Caramel. With the Wispa Gold bars locked away in virtual vaults, hopeful heisters will be challenged to complete a safe-cracking audio game accessed via QR codes on OOH sites across the country, or through ‘Wispa Gold Heist’ ads served on TikTok in order to secure the limited-edition loot. 

So sought after it’s heist worthy, the new Wispa Gold Salted Caramel is the latest flavour take on the fan-favourite Wispa Gold bar, and combines Wispa’s iconic velvety chocolate with a delicious golden streak of silky salted caramel running through the centre. Replacing safe-cracking stethoscopes for headphones, heisters will have to keep their cool as they listen for clicks in the Wispa Gold safe-cracking audio game in order to crack the vault.

To get the heisters cracking and immersed in the game as soon as possible, once they have used the QR code from the OOH, they will be taken to the safe, on their phone. With headphones in and the volume up, the rich interactive experience starts, utilising 3D animation and HD sounds to heighten the heist atmosphere, bringing the user fully into that world.

The ‘Wispa Gold Heist’ will roll out across OOH and TikTok and for a limited time, those successful will be rewarded with first dibs on Wispa’s best gold yet - the salted caramel flavour. 

Created to appeal to a younger Gen Z audience and break into the competitive salted caramel category, the code-breaking mechanism of the campaign taps into the playful spirit of the Wispa Gold brand. The heist element has been designed to drive intrigue and desire for the new product by locking it away and increasing the lure of the Wispa Gold Salted Caramel bar which heisters will be able to get their hands on for free if successful. 

This was an integrated effort across the VCCP, bringing together VCCP London with the group’s global production studio Girl&Bear; and their digital product & service innovation company Bernadette who designed and built the online platform.

The new Salted Caramel flavour represents a modern makeover and is a continuation of the brand’s ambition to reconnect with the nation's youth. Following on from the launch of Wispa Gold Hazelnut last year, the ‘Wispa Gold Heist’ is the second chapter in Wispa Gold’s mission to re-establish a more youthful, playful and energetic spirit into this iconic Cadbury Brand. 

Kelly Souli, Junior Brand Manager said:With the nation truly being gripped by a salted caramel obsession, we can’t wait for fans to sink their teeth into Wispa Gold Salted Caramel. But not until they track down and crack our virtual Wispa Gold vaults of course! We’re incredibly excited to hear what people think of our latest bar in the Wispa collection. The combination of the delightfully tiny chocolate bubbles Wispa is famous for, with the addition of delicious salted caramel – it's truly golden.” 

Caroline Rawlings, Creative Director from VCCP London added: ‘“I mean, the whole nation involved in a heist, for chocolate gold? It's ridiculous and wonderful in equal measure. I love this campaign. I love that it's fun. I love that it feels so right for what is inarguably Wispa's best gold yet (have you tried it? You should). I love that it uses non digital posters in a brilliantly intriguing way. I love that the game turns your phone into a vault cracking device using existing technology in your phone - the speakers. And I love that it was made in record time and has seen the whole VCCP partnership, our brilliant Cadbury clients included, at its best. Pure (salted caramel Wispa) gold.”

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