Twirl Orange Returns

The world’s first ever pre-sale of a chocolate bar.

Last year Cadbury launched Twirl Orange as a limited-edition bar, and the British public went wild for it. Fans travelled across the country to find bars that began selling on eBay for hundreds of pounds, with Cadbury having to answer numerous tweets about whether the elusive bar even existed. 
This year the bar is back, and to match the public’s anticipation, VCCP  developed a Glastonbury-style pre-sale, giving superfans the chance to get their hands on a Twirl Orange before they hit the shops. To make the experience as authentic and democratic as possible, the pre-sale featured queue times and digital waiting rooms to ‘queue up’ for the bars. Just like a music festival, the campaign also included impactful, screen print style fly posters promoting the pre-sale. Alongside this, there was also be large-scale takeovers on music venue billboards. 

All 10,000 bars sold out in minutes and we got the campaign trending at no1 both in the UK and worldwide!

The demand for Twirl Oranges last year was so insane that they were rarer than Glastonbury tickets. Being Cadbury, we thought it only right that this time around we give everyone the fairest chance of getting one. That means a nationwide presale for a 69p chocolate bar. Chris Birch, Creative Director, VCCP
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