Countryside landscape scene with a giant purple Cadbury branded egg placed next to a house

Cadbury launches the “Cadbury Worldwide Hide”

We have officially launched the 'Cadbury Worldwide Hide'- a virtual Easter egg hiding experience where consumers can hide an Easter egg anywhere in the world for someone they love. This will be activated in the UK & Ireland from Tuesday 9th March. 

Using Google Maps Street View, hiders can hide an easter egg anywhere in the world and then share a personalised clue with a loved one to help them find their Egg. The recipient will then be sent the clues to help them find the virtual Easter Egg. The hider has two options; to either purchase one of four Cadbury Easter Eggs from the Cadbury World Hide range or simply hide a virtual egg for free for their loved one to find. 

The global pandemic has restricted the physical connection that we all crave, which is why our campaign sets out to connect people across the UK through the central value of the Cadbury brand; generosity. Generosity is at the heart of Cadbury and as such, Easter provides an opportunity to show that there truly is a glass and a half in everyone. VCCP decided to flip this Easter ritual on its head, showing how hiding an act can be a generous act for a loved one.  

Markéta Kristlová, Senior Brand Manager Easter UK said: “This year, we felt it was important for us to create something that would help people feel close, even when they cannot be together. There is something so generous in taking the time to hide an egg at Easter and we wanted to capture that in a way everyone could do. With travel restricted for a lot of us, the Cadbury WorldWide Hide takes the usual garden egg hunt and helps you travel the world in search of the Iconic Purple Cadbury Egg, hidden somewhere that is meaningful to you and the hider. We can't wait to share it with everyone and make people feel a little more connected however far apart they may be this Easter.”  

Mark Sweatman, Head of Technology at VCCP CX saidIt’s been great to be involved in the project from the start and it has allowed us to bring a little bit of magic back to Easter. We’ve used cutting edge technology to create a brand new platform that immerses the public into a unique hide & seek experience using Google Maps Street View. Working closely with Cadbury and their partners, we developed a scalable cloud platform that ensures a seamless user experience whether you’re taking part for fun, or buying an egg for your loved one. In a time when travel is severely curtailed, we hope this allows the public a little bit of nostalgia and escapism, while showing they care”

We worked on this campaign, arm in arm with our Customer Experience (CX) team to build the Cadbury Worldwide Hide platform to bring the vision of a virtual hide and seek to life. Following a user-centred approach, our team mapped each point of the user journey. The CX team integrated several platforms across CRM, e-commerce and fulfilment in order to design a seamless end-to-end journey. Using cutting edge technology, including the latest scalable cloud technology, we built an experience that will immerse the public in the Easter spirit. 

The Cadbury Worldwide Hide platform can be accessed here:

We are thrilled to once again share the wholesomeness and importance of the Cadbury brand with this new work. We’re so pleased to be able to play a role in bringing people together in a safe way during this time. The Cadbury brand has long been synonymous with Easter and we’re grateful to be given the freedom to shift that association online and help put the generosity back into Easter. Chris Birch & Jonny Parker, Creative Directors at VCCP
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