But Actually Tasty

Today Cadbury Brunch is launching an integrated campaign, But Actually Tasty. With the help of global agency of record, VCCP and its global content and production studio, Girl&Bear, the campaign has been created to communicate to Brits that they don't have to sacrifice taste when buying cereal and nut bars.

When it comes to the snack bar category, most people don’t expect much. They’re used to oat and nut bars looking a bit beige, sounding a bit beige, and - most importantly - tasting a bit beige. However, Cadbury Brunch bars are unabashedly tasty. 

This subversion of category expectations inspired the new creative platform, But Actually Tasty which focuses on the fact that Cadbury Brunch takes the good but slightly unexciting hero ingredients, like oats and nuts, and makes them actually tasty through the addition of Cadbury chocolate. 

Three 20” films have been created which all focus on a different hero ingredient for each bar - Oat, Nut & Raisin. The ingredient fills the screen and it slowly falls through the air. A slightly bemused voiceover by actor Sunil Patel reacts to this falling ingredient and questions who actually likes it. The ingredient then falls into a pool of delicious Cadbury chocolate and transforms into a Cadbury Brunch bar that pops into view. The voice over then responds to this enthusiastically. It ends with writing saying Cadbury Brunch. Humor Nuts, but actually tasty.

Social and DOOH executions follow a similar format. The creative is dominated by a hero ingredient - an absolutely massive oat, nut or raisin - and copy outlining a well-worn association or belief about the healthy qualities of that ingredient. A Cadbury Brunch bar then replaces the ingredient accompanied by the line But Actually Tasty. Cadbury Brunch.

This campaign is also being brought to life in audio through radio assets and a podcast sponsorship. Cadbury is working with the Off Menu podcast, presented by comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster, and Sh*gged, Married, Annoyed, presented by Rosie & Chris Ramsey. They will dissect the difference between a handful of oats or nuts on their own and a handful of oats or nuts with a layer of Cadbury chocolate.

Maria Jackson, Brand Manager at Cadbury said: “When it comes to snack bars, people want something tasty but expect something bland. Cadbury Brunch really delivers on taste, so it’s great that we get to celebrate it through this campaign.”

Laura Muse, Creative Director at VCCP added: “If we're really being honest, none of us jump at the chance to scoff a handful of nuts or oats. But most healthy snack brands pretend like we all do. So we thought this stuff needed a reality check and an even healthier dose of Cadbury's down-to-earth humour. Because we all perk up when we hear there's chocolate involved.”

The campaign will launch from today on BVOD DOOH, OOH, Youtube, social, radio and podcast. It is being supported by a consumer PR and influencer campaign run by Tin Man. Media has been planned and executed by Publicis Media and Elvis is supporting social and CRM.

So we thought this stuff needed a reality check and an even healthier dose of Cadbury's down-to-earth humour. Because we all perk up when we hear there's chocolate involved Laura Muse, Creative Director at VCCP
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