Battle of the Inventors





Last year, Cadbury asked the public to invent a brand new Cadbury Dairy Milk bar.

Thousands of entries were narrowed down to just three, and the new campaign introduces a head-to-head battle between Taylor’s ‘Out of the Blueberry’, Shannon’s ‘Crunchy Honeycomb’ and Gillian’s ‘Coconutty’ to see which bar gets to stay on shelves. The winner will be decided by a combination of sales and a public vote. 

The campaign, created by Cadbury and VCCP, heroes the distinct flavours of the three new bars and positions them in an epic battle between their inventors. 

Cadbury is asking the public to back one of the three limited edition bars and offering lots of ways to get involved. As well as directing consumers to vote at, Cadbury is leveraging social formats such as Twitter and Facebook polls and Twitter Conversation Cards to enable consumers to pick a favourite and rally behind their bar of choice. 

Cadbury have launched three fantastic new flavours – Crunchy Honeycomb, Coconutty and Out of the Blueberry – which will hit shelves in July. Created by Shannon, Gillian and Taylor as part of our Inventor competition, the campaign sets out to ask the nation which bar they will back. We hope that the winning bar, as voted for by the public, will become a national treasure. Guy Moore, Creative Director at VCCP
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