Branding & Design

We strategically launch, relaunch and protect brands worldwide. We work in all sectors, all countries, all of the time.

We conceive and develop brands with clients. Any advertising idea has to start with the brand and we always work in partnership with our clients to get that element right first.

We do Branding, not blanding. We don’t change symbols, we create symbols of change.

Ideas excite us, they shape the future, add value and signal change. We’ve moved from being a cost, to an asset. We help organisations, products and services profit from relevant and creative transformation.

That’s why we concentrate on creating Big Ideas first, then go about making them beautifully.


What we do


Creating a brand name is surprisingly fraught with challenges. A brand name can be contested, legally challenged and loaded with financial pressure. We’ve developed NameStorm sessions to avoid the obvious pitfalls of creating a new brand name. With legal checking fitted as standard the NameStorm sessions get your product, organisation or services on the road fast and ready for life at the speed of business.


Working with traditional design groups, many organisations end up with Blanding, not Branding. Why bland? Because people don’t care about a brands positioning, they care about a brands position. No one gets excited by consistency alone, it’s dull. We design coherent communications. They allow brands to flex into lateral, interesting ideas. These ideas ultimately create a monopoly for the products, organisations and services we launch re-launch and manage daily.


Everything has a digital footprint now. We help create and manage brands opinions across everything from social to product to web. While some businesses may not win work from having a digital presence. They can lose work by not having one. We avoid endless chit-chat and steer projects through practical actions to clear, effective and memorable outcomes. Apps. Websites. Conversations. We consider many facets on the journey, because with digital, it’s all connected and because there are conversations going on right now about your brand—if you’re not involved, you can’t manage them.


We have strong strategic, proven opinions around what makes brands work. We think great branding needs to be adaptive. Products, services and organisations change fast, their brands need to flex with them. Consistent branding just results in matching pairs. Neat, but not that useful. Consistency alone is predictable, patronising, repetitive, dull. Our approach creates strategic and coherent conversations between organisations, services & products with their various audiences.


Design communicates. Advertising persuades. We combine the two for competitive creativity that moves from traditional notions of disruption to work that populates culture. We work in any media from print to press to pixel. Our strategic brand model scales across brands to create cohesive communications. We develop national and international campaigns for brands big and small.

Brand Worlds

SomeOne pioneered the use of this term in regards to branded operating systems that enable products, organisations and services to connect across multiple channels and touch points. Beyond a logo, typeface and colour. Brands need more to enable them to compete and win in fast moving competitive marketplaces. We create those advantages.


There is a huge amount of nonsense surrounding brand strategy. You won’t find any in our process. A strategy is a plan to get you where you want it to be. We create those plans and equip people and brands with the tools and maps to get to their desired location. Simple. Clear. Effective. (And highly competitive.) We work with brands big & small to create richer, more rewarding BrandWorlds to better connect & communicate with people. Our job is often based on helping our clients compete more effectively with others. Brands only exist where there is competition. Great ideas lie at the heart of great branding. So we start with big ideas, then go about making them beautifully. A variety of bespoke tools are deployed, combined with agile research at SomeOne to uncover smarter and more compelling ways to achieve business goals. Our work is always strategically-led. We employ a variety of rapid, proven processes to get multiple opinions aligned and things moving in a single agreed direction fast.

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