VCCP Singapore refreshes brand strategy and communications for global logistics brand, Toll


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With the help of VCCP, the new campaign perfectly captures the changing consumer demands and positions Toll as a true partner that will be able to solve business challenges of today while continuously developing innovative solutions for tomorrow. Ebrahim Kazi, Global Head of Brand at Toll

VCCP Singapore has delivered an end-to-end refresh of the Toll brand and their brand communications, in line with the company’s new focus on the Asia Pacific region. 

Toll has been a household name in Australia for over 130 years. Now a subsidiary of Japan Post, Toll operates in key markets of APAC, North America and Europe to support more than 20,000 customers with their challenges in logistics, transport and supply chain.   

Investing in their vision of becoming Asia Pacific’s partner of choice for global integrated solutions, Toll completed the divestment of its global express business. A strategy put in place to build a simpler and more focused business by strengthening their core businesses – Global Forwarding (GF) and Global Logistics (GL). Currently, their GL business continues to grow in key markets in APAC, while GF business has diversified its offerings and expanded in key markets like North America, SEA and Europe. 

VCCP Singapore has been tasked with refreshing the brand’s strategy to communicate Toll’s ‘Pivot to Asia’, helping them to build awareness & drive consideration in Asia & beyond. Research and planning began with conducting primary stakeholder interviews, followed by a secondary competition research to understand the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, category promises and content/channels utilised. 

Discovering that Toll kept its long-standing reputation of being customer centric, reliable and reputable, the brand strategy centred around the concept of ‘curiosity’ - to show that Toll provided versatile and meaningful resolutions to problems their customers faced.

Curiosity; a word that stands true for the innovative problem-solving nature of Toll and captures the essence of never being stagnant nor complacent – always striving to progress beyond business as usual to find different ways of tackling any challenges, led to the brand positioning Curiosity In Motion. 

To launch the new positioning and showcase Toll’s entrepreneurial spirit, VCCP has developed the creative campaign of “Think Outside the Box”. This exemplifies Toll’s dedication towards finding the best innovative solution for customers beyond the standard parameters of logistics. Developing film assets, social media and direct assets, the campaign is now live globally. 

Think Outside the Box is a tangible expression of Toll’s commitment to innovation, and the spirit of curiosity that is powering its drive into the Asia Pacific region. Andrew Hook, Executive Creative Director at VCCP Singapore