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To our employees and the market, this is a very deliberate and radical step that we are taking. We want to show that we are moving in a different direction so the rebranding was the best time for us. Rachel Goh, Telkomsel CMO

Since 1995, Telkomsel has been Indonesia’s leading telecommunications provider. Now with over 160 million active users, it continues to lead the highly competitive category of five operators, with the widest and most reliable coverage, and the most diverse and valuable range of products and services.

But the Indonesia of 2021 is vastly different from that of 1995, and Telkomsel had not revisited its brand identity for over 26 years.

Today, Indonesians are more in touch with digital technology than ever. They’ve had a taste of its true potential. All across the land, they are hungry for ‘more’ – in every aspect of their lives.

Today, it’s no longer enough for Telkomsel to be just a telco. The brand and its products and services need to more effectively connect with Indonesians and empower them to live, work and play in bold new ways. Ultimately, the brand’s goal is to help Indonesians reach their true potential.

That’s why Telkomsel has undergone an end-to-end transformation of both their business and their brand – to better serve this dynamic new generation of Indonesians.

We started by identifying a completely new brand purpose. One that would be inspiring to all, and express the immense promise that technology holds to open a ‘World of More’.

We took over 50 different brand identities and transformed them into one – establishing the Telkomsel master brand as the most valuable asset of all.

However, the new, modern and multinational brand Telkomsel is still deeply rooted in Indonesian culture – with a logo and bespoke typeface inspired by Batik design.

The new Telkomsel is more colourful and more exciting. More energetic and dynamic – much like modern Indonesia.

The launch campaign invites everyone to get onboard, inspiring Indonesians to make the most of Telkomsel’s offerings in order to Make Things Happen.

The rejuvenated Telkomsel brand and launch communications were unveiled on a live TV event, broadcast across Indonesia on 18th June. The campaign extends across refreshed digital properties, digital display, social and influencer activations, public relations, outdoor, retail and direct communications.

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