Deliveroo 7th Birthday Celebration

Since entering the Singapore market 7 years ago, Deliveroo has grown into one of the most popular food delivery services on the island. However, as their birthday celebrations occur in November, and like many of their competitors at this time of the year, it is the month for pushing out their last big promotional campaign of the year.

Deliveroo’s challenge was to create buzz around their exciting promotions while standing out from the endless festive offers during this season. Additionally, Deliveroo wanted to use the momentum created from their birthday celebrations to drive people onto their app and bump up the last stretch of orders for the year.

Apart from the need to reinforce the fact that Deliveroo has a fantastic range of selections and promos available, we had to create communications that were clear and interesting enough to rise above the November clutter.

Capitalising on the multiple promotions Deliveroo were gifting, we created a series of ads to showcase the variety of promotions that encapsulated the themes of a stylish celebration and of course, food. Each promotion was unveiled across November with the iconic brand colour, teal, adorning all the visuals. To further push Deliveroo’s offerings on different platforms, we combined the key promo visuals into a snappy, succinct video that was still just as informative and easy for customers to participate in the birthday promotions.

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