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A New World Emerging?


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We are very proud of our long-term partnership with Forum 2000 and opportunity to prepare the campaign which will represent the 24th conference. 

Named A new world emerging?“ will be this year exclusively held online and will discuss the need to restore responsibility and solidarity in a rapidly transforming world.

As the ongoing pandemic shows, the international community seems tragically unprepared to jointly address the growing global challenges. What are the most responsible approaches towards tackling the global challenges and imminent threats when it comes to the dramatic post-pandemic fallout, the erosion of the rules-based international order, potential environmental breakdown, or major social and political disruptions caused by the emerging technologies? How to mobilize responsibility? How can we strengthen solidarity and global cooperation? Watch the Forum 2000 conference and seek the answers.

"We couldn't be more grateful for VCCP and their exceptional cooperation. It is impressive how they are always able to capture our - sometimes vague - ideas and give them understandable, clear vision, and subsequently witty communicate them to the public. We are really enjoying this partnership." says Jakub Klepal the Executive Director of Forum 2000.