Let it snow true Christmas


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Who wouldn't remember the little caring boy from Albert's Christmas story last year? It is no surprise, we stuck with everyone's favorite stories of Darebáček and his family. Even though he has grown up a bit, he stayed thoughtful and full of unexpected ideas for this year too. In Czech Republic we haven't experienced any snow on Christmas time for 10 years now, so the third storyline goes about fulfilling his little sister's dream about "white" Christmas. Regardless he can not guarantee the snowy weather,

this year together with their mum he decides to surprise his sister and make it at least look their home white and snow-covered. Happy ending full of joy and love comes the morning after his sister finds out that her unfulfillable wish came true, partly. Together with Albert, our goal was to bring people closer together, and gently remind them the real Christmas magic comes from our hearts. It's important to realize what matters the most at this time of the year, are not presents, but true caring of each other.