Taste of experience


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The inspiration for the new campaign we prepared for Birell, became a legendary character of Grandpa Homolka from the movie Ecce homo Homolka. Nowadays, as we all experienced quarantine for several weeks and absence of even such trivial things as going outside, enjoying the company, or the moments spent in nature, we tried to take the experience and describe the explosion of feelings at every sudden moment outside.
While using the well-known monologue of Grandpa Homolka in the spot, we tried to capture the ode to the beauty and harmony of moments spent in nature,
accompanied by shots of people on a bike trip, hike, swim, or just chilling outside shooted in Czech republic and Slovakia. Armada Films took care of the production and Tomáš Řehořek the direction, while the whole concept follows the already known  brand communication „Taste of experience“. 
Birell is the bestselling non-alcoholic beer in Czech Republic, thanks to using unique yeasts, which produce the minimum of alcohol, but go through the same fermentation process as classic Czech alcoholic beers. It was a pleasure, cheers!