Safety, that you can promise


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For our client Hyundai we launched a new campaign focused on even more advanced assistance systems of model Hyundai i30.

Timeless design, advanced connectivity and comprehensive safety technologies. The i30 range delivers on every level.

When we are leaving, our loved ones often worry about us and make us promise, we will be careful on the road, or we will drive safely. The i30’s assistance and safety systems such as autonomous emergency braking, lane keeping assist system, blind spot detection and many more, help us to keep up on the promise.

„Safety features are our biggest strength and the main focus of the whole i3O campaign, since it is known as a popular family car. Specifically for this target group safety is the key, so that's what the whole campaign reflects.“ says Jana Sekeráková The Marketing Director of Hyundai Motor Czech about the whole concept.

Plus, car safety is an important topic nowadays and we are glad we could bring it on once again, maybe even inspire someone to think twice before they pull on the highway next time...