K2 My Way


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We are beyond pleased we could take a part and create a poster for Czech mountaineer Klara Kolouchova and her unbelievable K2 adventure.

The grand opening exhibition of photography series 

"K2 MY WAY" took place in Prague's town centre, coinciding with the premier of likewise named documentary movie. Klára Kolouchová, the wife, the mother, but also the one of only two Czech women who conquered Mount Everest years ago. Furthermore, last year she was the very first Czech and one of only 20 women in the world who climbed the second highest mountain in the world - the dangerous K2.

Director Jana Počtová (the author of the acclaimed documentaries Generation Singles and Nerodič) together with a cameraman, captured the events and atmosphere of the expedition to the base camp, the film contains breath taking shots of the mountains, but also Klára's authentic shots of the final ascent itself.
Her documentary is an inspiring story of an unbridled will, desire and effort to achieve her dream goal, which we can only recommend to see! Girls can really do anything.