VCCP selected for SXSW PanelPicker


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SXSW season is officially underway and we couldn’t be more excited that not one but TWO of our proposals have been accepted onto the SXSW PanelPicker! 

PanelPicker is a session proposal platform that gives the SXSW community a significant voice in programming conference activities (presentations, panels, discussions, demonstrations, etc.) for the SXSW Conference and SXSW EDU. Prospective speakers submit their session ideas to PanelPicker, then the community, SXSW Advisory Board and SXSW staff choose the best proposals.

Voting for us won’t guarantee our spot at SXSW’s big stage, though it will certainly help us a great deal! Public voting accounts for about 30% of the decision-making process for SXSW and SXSW EDU programming. Feedback from the SXSW Programming Committee (or the SXSW EDU Advisory Board) and SXSW staff is also taken into account, with a weight of 40% and 30% respectively.

You can vote for our proposals and find out more about them below:

Proposal 1: "Has Advertising Forgotten About Men?" - link to vote here

Much time (quite rightly) has been given to how advertising portrays women, but less to how it portrays men. Perhaps because men have fared better over time? Or because the topic is too nuanced to address? Or because the prevailing feeling is that there is no problem? But as author & documentary-maker Tim Samuels states: “Of the 200,000 years homo sapiens has been wandering this planet, this has to be the most absurd & challenging time to be a man.” Our lively debate will discuss: does advertising adequately represent men? And what changes should it consider, in order to benefit not just men, but all of society? This is supported by groundbreaking research into public opinion on male gender representation in the UK & USA, pioneered by VCCP for SXSW 2023.


  1. Evidence and opinion on the need for improved male representation in advertising, media and culture.
  2. 10 ways brands can better represent men in advertising comms.
  3. The potential impact of better male representation on brand sales.

The session will include the below speakers:

This proposal draws on research from our recent Collaborative report ‘Gender Agenda: Module of Masculinity’, launched last Thursday evening at our inaugural panel event with the above speakers in addition to James Scroggs, Chairman of the board of trustees for Calm.

The event kicked off the launch of the latest VCCP Collaborative report, where we have a proper dig into the thorny subject matter of Masculinity in Advertising and revealed some fascinating insights that have emerged out of a series of interviews and a piece of quantitative research, in partnership with The Nursery.

Proposal 2: #BeMoreDog. How Dogs Unleash Workplace Creativity - link to vote here

There is a significant body of evidence and understanding of the positive impact of HAI (human-animal interactions) in mitigating health & anxiety but little has been understood about the impact of dogs on human well-being & creativity in the workplace, ultimately boosting the bottom line for businesses. HAPPYBOND, ‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar and VCCP are joining forces to launch a worldwide research project with 30 creatives across 8 cities & local rescue dogs. The process spans science & passion, engineering & creativity, technology & humanity. The results of this unique groundbreaking research will be premiered at SXSW along with a chance to meet the Austin rescue dogs, the stars of the show at our SXSW Dog House. This will be an evidence-based discussion of the positive health effects of HAI


  1. Attendees will leave uplifted and enlightened.
  2. Ready to improve the happiness and health span of their animals.
  3. Ready to improve their own happiness and unlock creativity in their organisations.


PanelPicker voting will close on Sunday, August 21.