Want To Challenge The Ecommerce Elite?


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A more level and more local playing field.

COVID-19 has accelerated the already rapid growth seen in ecommerce, encouraging new behaviours and challenging existing customer loyalties.

More of us are shopping online for the first time, buying products we’ve not previously bought online and switching brands and retailers if products are unavailable.

New research from Kantar shows that more UK consumers now want to support local businesses and with BigCommerce reporting a 62% rise in curbside fulfilment during the pandemic and Google a 150% increase in “near me” retail searches in the past two years, it is clear they are.

This growing appetite for immediacy, coupled with a desire for local services, is becoming a potent catalyst for smaller scale ecommerce.

Find out the three key principles for smaller retailers, regardless of category, in a post COVID-19 world from Experience Strategy Director Jasper Bell here