Sian Richards promoted to Head of Diversity and Inclusion


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Sian Richards promoted to Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Sian will work to prime the agency for the future by ensuring talent comes from all walks of life.

We are strengthening our approach to diversity by promoting in-house talent, Sian Richards to the role of Head of Diversity and Inclusion, to further support Vice Chairman Julian Douglas and VCCP’s on-going initiatives.

In this new position, Sian will work to focus our existing efforts and provide a platform for the agency to continue to grow and be primed for the future. She will work across the Partnership to ensure talent comes from all walks of life and staff are supported in their own entrepreneurial projects.

In her new role, she will also continue our collaboration with partners at the IPA, Sunshine and Liverty on projects such as Advertising Unlocked and The Exchange Project respectively.

Sian joined VCCP in 2012 and since then has worked with clients including Unilever, Macmillan Cancer Support and Transport for London. Independent of the agency, she set up female community ‘SHE PRESENTS:’ in 2017. Aiming to provide opportunities for junior to mid-level management females within VCCP and the wider industry to meet up and learn from each other.

Sian will report directly into Vice Chairman Julian Douglas, who said: “Sian has earned the position through her outstanding efforts over the past five years, doing great work for clients, getting involved in pretty much everything across the Partnership and setting up the brilliant SHE PRESENTS:. As the Head of Diversity & Inclusion, she will help to drive real positive change in the way we work, recruit and promote talent right across the Partnership.”

Our efforts towards diversity and inclusion are crucial to the future success of the Agency. It should be a priority for our output to reflect the society around us, and this can only be achieved when our Agency is made of the same make up. Sian Richards, Head of Diversity and Inclusion (VCCP)