VCCP presents the new O2 campaign


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After the good results obtained in its last campaign, O2 continues to bet on VCCP for the launch of its new advertising campaign.

With the aim of gaining the trust of a broad social base of consumers in O2, the brand is aware of the current situation of rising prices and widespread uncertainty, focusing on offering its customers peace of mind, both in terms of quality of service, as in price, and also counting on excellent attention. Brand values, which continue to be reflected in its campaign message “Only O2 does things like O2”.

In this campaign, unlike the previous ones, different segments of the target are represented, thus giving the brand greater popularity and accessibility. O2 is the safe bet in the telecommunications sector, offering its customers access to the largest network at a great price, without permanence, without surprises on the bill and always backed by the quality of Telefónica.

The blue Bear that represents the brand, brings us closer to consumers and allows O2 to transmit a message of trust and tranquility, in the different media where O2 communicates.

This new campaign has a main message of tranquility, in service, in quality and also in price that, given the current moment of uncertainty and rise in many basic services, we believe is relevant. We are very happy with the final result, it fulfills and transmits this message in a conspicuous, elegant way, and with a Blue BEAR as a representation of the brand, with all its strength and security. In addition, it coincides with the improvement that we have just made in our rates, and that as always we have applied first directly to current O2 customers, so that they feel before anyone else that peace and tranquility that defines us Gema Perona, head of marketing and communication at O2
It is an honor for us to continue working hand in hand with O2. An honest, simple brand without strange things. Now more than ever people need that, not to have surprises in the bill and have the best network to be connected without problems to be able to work, talk with a friend or with the family whenever you want". That's what it's all about, it's that easy Beto Nahmad, Executive Creative Director of VCCP Spain
Each brief that comes from O2 is a huge challenge for the agency. The brand has a tone and style that have positioned it within the market and that, even if we change the message and the execution, we must respect and continue building Juan Cenoz, Creative Director of VCCP Spain