O2 renews its creativity by VCCP Spain


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Only O2 does things like O2, is the new campaign message that summarizes the value proposition of the entire O2 service, very different from its competitors.

Following the great success of O2's business and brand building since its launch, Telefónica's operator has once again entrusted VCCP Spain with the development of its new advertising campaign.

In this new campaign, an evolution of the brand narrative can be observed. O2 continues to bet on the creation of a visual universe of the brand, building its own and unique codes in the communication sector, but in this case, O2 and its values are represented through the figure of a blue bear. It is an animal that, like O2, stands out for its courage, transparency and reliability, and that comes to value the differential proposal that O2 offers.

O2's proposal goes far beyond just offering a very competitive price, but also incorporates the largest fiber network in Spain (Telefónica's), and a commitment to offer the best quality customer service, always with respect for the customer.

In this way, following the success of O2's business since its launch in the Spanish market almost four years ago, always in collaboration with VCCP Spain, the brand continues to consolidate itself firmly in the market, thanks to its own brand values, a relevant value proposition for the consumer and a unique communication code in the sector.

In this new campaign we want to speak openly about the total reductionism to price that most of our competitors insist on establishing in our sector. At O2 we think that price is an important factor in decision making, of course, but there are many more reasons that our competitors don't want to talk about. Factors as important as customer service and respect for privacy, as opposed to the bombardment of commercial calls and messages. Not to mention something as essential in the proposal of any telecommunications operator as the quality of the network and mobile coverage. We believe it is very important to tell consumers about all these factors Gema Perona, Head of Marketing and Communications at O2
It is an honor for us to build a brand as unique as O2 in Spain. The result of great teamwork with many teams involved. Creativity, planning, social, accounts, production and the trust of a client who wants to do things in a simple and unique way. Thank you and we keep on rowing. Beto Nahmad, Executive Creative Director of VCCP Spain
The brand has built a strong and clear positioning in the minds of Spaniards and this bear figure allows us to communicate this spirit. It is always a pleasure and a source of pride to work with a brand like O2 that knows what it wants Juan Cenoz, Creative Director of VCCP Spain