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VCCP starts working for Fagor Electrodoméstico


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The agency will be in charge of the strategic approach, as well as content creation and management of Fagor Electrodoméstico's social profiles in Spain

After an evaluation process conducted by Fagor Electrodoméstico, VCCP has been the creative agency selected to lead the brand's strategic approach to Social Media, content creation and management of Fagor's social profiles, working closely with the brand's media and PR agencies.

VCCP will be in charge of the digital content strategy for all of the brand's social profiles with the objective of maximizing relevance for the business. To this end, it will develop a line of communication based on content that will provide the brand with its own code in terms of tone, style and visuals.

VCCP's approach to content creation and community management in networks is based on the knowledge of the target audience of each brand through the use of a proprietary methodology based on data, which is used in the nine offices that the agency has globally.

Fagor Electrodoméstico is an iconic brand in its category that has been in our homes for more than 60 years. Fagor has become a benchmark in the sector not only in Spain, but also in Europe and other countries in North Africa and Latin America.

Fagor is a mythical brand in Spain that operates in a category of high involvement in which the influence on the channel's purchasing decision is very high. Therefore, the digital channel and especially the social channels become strategic touch points to develop engagement and, above all, increase consumer consideration of the brand." Javier Suso, CEO of VCCP Spain
Adding a brand like Fagor Electrodoméstico, which has a long history in the market, to our client portfolio is an honor for us. We face this new stage with great enthusiasm and excitement, in which we will work hand in hand with the Fagor team to face together all the challenges that lie ahead Carlota Arriols, Director of Client Services at VCCP Spain
In a constantly evolving social media landscape, we believe we have found an agency with the ability to understand our audience. We look forward to working with VCCP to bring Fagor Electrodoméstico's messages to our social media community and generate impact in a strategic and effective way Marta Lucas, Marketing Manager at Fagor Electrodoméstico