VCCP's success in The Marketing Society's shortlists!


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These awards recognise and reward campaigns that demonstrate not only marketing excellence, but also bravery in their approach to a considerable challenge, pushing boundaries and making an impact either in business or society in general.

It's been a fantastic start to the awards season for VCCP, with an astonishing 10 shortlists at The Marketing Society Brave Awards.

Huge congratulations to the following teams: 

- Relationship Marketing for How Canon lost its market and found a community
- Creative use of Media for How one killer stat led to the cheesiest chat-bot the internet has ever seen
- Digital Marketing for How easyJet’s world-first set the bar sky-high for digital marketing innovation 
- Enhancing the Customer Experience for How easyJet’s world-first delivered visual booking to The Instagram generation
- Brand Communication (B2C) for How spoken word poetry helped Nationwide switch more current accounts than all of the banks combined
- Transforming Corporate Culture for Why Nationwide asked the marketing industry to challenge hate together
- Brand Revitalisation (B2C) for Breathing life into O2
- Enhancing the Customer Experience for O2: an experience as individual as you are
- Transforming Corporate Culture for PARENTS VS KIDS: How O2 and the NSPCC helped parents to be brave and talk to their kids about online safety
- Scaling Up for There But Not There

You can see the full shortlists here.


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